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About MUSICAL CID's Creator, Abi Roberts

ABI ROBERTS is a stand-up comedian and the Host and Creator of MUSICAL CID. 

Abi is fast-becoming the hot ticket on the stand-up comedy circuit and is frequently to be found opening the show at some of the UK’s biggest comedy clubs. Since her stand-up debut in 2011 (after a former career as a session vocalist and recording artist), she has been dubbed as:


"Truly hysterical... Abi Roberts has definitely got the moves. She does it all with genuine charm and character, with big laughs Abi talks entertainingly, then takes apart Loose Women and she completely, superbly annihilates it. She uses her vocal skills to mock and her Jane McDonald impression is worth seeing alone. Likewise her take on Celine Dion is brilliantly done - clever, funny and well performed. Roberts has an imposing range of talents, she gives a little song too and her impressions are, well, impressive. She really is more than just a stand-up. The audience was definitely left wanting more".   Chortle 


"...one of the Top 10 stand-ups to see,  Abi Roberts is brilliant, funny and charming and her show (MUSICAL CID) is true genius. Juxtaposing big sing-alongs with comedians opening their hearts about their lives. This is a wonderfully unpredictable show. Take our word for it, anything can happen on MUSICAL CID!" -   GQ Magazine


“…very funny, unstoppable, triumphant and takes down target after target…” - New Statesman


“Raucously funny. A must see” – Daily Telegraph


“A superb opening act (for Michael McIntyre) and is destined for bigger things - go see her. She will be big and she will be famous." – Comedy Chords

More details on Abi are here: www.abiroberts.com  or on Abi’s Twitter page: @abiroberts 

Email/Telephone (live bookings):  comedy.bookings@btinternet.com and 0771 243 6056

Media and Press: terencegibbons@btinternet.com